The work of our soceity members


We, paper hangers who join with Kyoto Hyogu Cooperative Society, are the skilled craftsman using traditional techniques and methods succeeded from ancient times.Our skills are deeply related with various kinds of Japanese art.

The type of work we usually engaged in

  1. Making and repairing Japanese sliding doors called “Fusuma”, “Syoji”.
  2. Making and repairing hanging scrolls called “Kakejiku”.
  3. Interior Design and build.
  4. Making and repairing Japanese screen called “Byobu”, “Tsuitate”
  5. Making and repairing Japanese frames called “Gakuso”

About us

  • Chairperson : Yoshishige Tanaka
  • The dates of establishment: Feburuary 13,1959
  • The number of members: 72

17 Saiin Higashinakamizu-tyo Ukyo-ku Kyoto-shi 615-0042