Part1 The history of our society

歴史を感じる日本画 In 1909, the Artists’ Society of Kyoto bloomed further owing to the activity of Seiho Takeuchi and hyogu artisans working in Kyoto established Kyoto hyogu artisan’s soceity. And then the soceity was renamed into Kyoto hyogu industrial guild.The guild had been active till the end of world war 2 but naturally disappeared after the war.

 Some members had established Kyoto mounting soceity. Then,in the post-war years of recovery, other some members had established Kyoto Fusuma & hyogu Society.

The number of the members increased sharply but the soceity was still private organization. So the members devoted themselves to establish official Cooperative Society. As a result of their efforts, the private society was dissolved and new official orgnization “Kyoto Hyogu Cooperative Society” established.

刷毛供養Then we put up a gravestone to hold a memorial service for used brushes called “Hake”. A gravestone called “Hakezuka” was built in Nanzenji temple.

Our society is always active and make a relationship not only with other Japanese society but with the business person in forein countries.we were commended by Minister of Labour in 1995.

keeping tradition, now we try to develop new hanging method to meet the needs of the present age.